This webpage provides the research products of the
"Project IMPULS" (2011-2022) at Tokyo Gakugei University.

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Title Grade Subject Date School Instructor Keywords Movie
Let’s explore quadrilaterals Elementary School G-4 2020.04.01 No
Variables and equations/expressions Junior High School G-3 2020.04.01 Koganei JHS, TGU No
Let’s think about ways to express the size of angles Elementary School G-4 2020.04.01 Yamanashi UES No
What is Left and What is the Difference? Elementary School G-1 2020.04.01 Yamanashi UES No
Let’s Think about Division (Division with Remainders) Elementary School G-3 2020.04.01 Oshihara ES No
Let’s investigate the way quantities change Elementary School G-5 2020.04.01 Kunitachi Dig ES No
Let’s Think about How to Divide by Fractions (Division of Fractions) Elementary School G-6 2017.06.27 No
Organizing Data Elementary School G-6 2017.06.26 No
Division with Remainders Elementary School G-3 2017.06.26 No
Designing lessons to raise the quality of student understanding of mathematical processes Junior High School G-1 2017.06.21 No

Project International Math-teacher Professionalization Using Lesson Study(IMPULS)